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If you’re looking for a fun and easy art project for kids, I would like to suggest a little project I came up with.  I have spent lots of time looking at my two little one’s room wondering what I could do to personalize it for them.  I had lots of crazy ideas go through my head. These thoughts have come while I’ve been half asleep.  I had pictures hung that Big S had drawn for Little S when I was pregnant with her. Those pictures worked great, but over time they grew a bit outdated even for Bones.

One problem I kept facing is that both girls are into so many things. I couldn’t pinpoint which theme I wanted to run with.  I even started thinking that I could “split” the room in half by literally painting half the room one color and the other half a different color. By splitting the room I would then be able to make one half one theme and the other a different theme.  Like I said, I was half asleep while brainstorming.  I realize that I should never try to come up with ideas while sleep walking.

In my house of girls, we do not do the princess thing.  My sweet little girls love Super Heroes, Star Wars, and animals.  We still do Disney, but there is a strong dislike for the princesses.  What direction do I go?  This was my biggest challenge.

Deciding on what to do with this bedroom did not rule my thoughts day in and day out.  I spent months and months considering this issue but only a few minuets at a time.  One of my biggest worries is always how to keep my children entertained, out of my hair and not driving me nuts.  I think most parents want to find things for their kids to do that is budget friendly, fun and if it’s an art activity, something that wont be thrown in the trash in a weeks time.

By dumb luck (my favorite way of getting things done) I found some canvas panels and acrylic paint while shopping.   This was the answer to my art problem for my kids’ bedroom.  I was so excited for the girls to lay claim to their art.

Items needed:

Canvas in whatever size and quantity wanted

Acrylic paint

Paint brushes (I used painting sponges)




Before jumping into this project, I took some time to come up with a way to personalize them even more.  I went to Amazon and found some Super Hero stencils.  Neither girl knew about this special surprise.


I had been mildly anxious about this moment because I’m a bit of a control freak.



Little S painted 2, Bones painted 2, they shared 1 and I painted 1.  They had me concerned a couple of times because they decided to mix all the colors. At the rate they were going, I was sure they were going to end up with a brown pictures.

Bones painted the two with the most white around the edges. I was afraid this would cause an issue with the stenciling, but luckily they worked perfectly.  After waiting the entire day to let them dry, I did  the stenciling.  I made sure the kids were asleep so I could do the stenciling without any extra hands.

Here are the final products.  I am very pleased with the end results. My girls were thrilled to see how their art turned out.  They may not be the most beautiful pieces of art, but my kids happy when they see their work.

This is their hard work on their walls.  I’m not in love with the placement of the Wonder Woman wall.  I was just using the nails that were there from the old art.  Luckily for me, my sweet 3 year old Bones doesn’t mind at all!

This is a very simple project you can do various ways.  You may choose to free hand the art.  These pieces of original art bring joy and excitement to my kids. I love when I’m able to see their faces and hear the excitement in their voices when they talk about them.


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