Children’s DIY Books

Have you ever had that moment where you know your child is a genius? My daughter came to me with what we both feel was a brilliant idea. She wanted to make a children’s DIY book. She, of course, brought this desire to my attention while I was in the middle of my daily multitasking. I wasn’t necessarily open to the idea at first. This is how I have come to realize that Little S is a genius.  (Yes, there is humor to this statement)

As most children do, Little S loves to draw pictures. She can spend what feels like hours drawing. She also spends a lot of time using a lot of paper. As a parent, I want to keep her busy and keep her challenged. I have an entire ream of paper purchased for this occasion.

As I was going about my usual daily tasks, Little S approached me with a handful of illustrations. Being a Kindergartner, she is learning to read. Little S wanted me to narrate her pictures for her. After putting her off for a time, I sat down and came up with some dialog for her papers.

Once I had finished with the handful of papers she initially had, Little S made her way back downstairs and drew more pictures. It was at this time I realized my story needed to make sense. Without knowing what our results were going to be, Little S and I began to make our book.

I wanted to make sure Little S could practice her reading, so I kept the words at her level. The challenging part was when I was ready to end the story; she was not.


I purchased some page protectors, and Big S donated an old three-ring binder. Little S put the pages in order, and we assembled the book.

The book we made is a favorite at bedtime. Little S and Bones have memorized most of the story. My kids like how silly the story is. As with most kids, Little S also likes the fact that she “wrote” the book. Over time more stories have been added. I’m sure that even more stories are yet to be composed.

Items needed to make your DIY Book:

three ring binder (any size you choose)
page protectors
blank paper (I use printer paper)
your child’s favorite drawing utensils
your child’s amazing imagination

*As you can see, Little S decided to recycle and use old printouts that she no longer wanted to color.  Any way you choose to do this, your kids will love it!

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